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I'm New...What can I expect?

We are so excited that you decided to join us and we want you to be happy that you're here. Here is what you can expect on a Sunday morning...

Sunday service

When you enter the building you will be greeted by our team members who will show you where to go and where the children meet. Also, they can answer any questions you may have about the church and give you relevant material to take home with you.

BG Kidz 

We have an exciting kids program that engages the kids with Bible truths and fun activities that reinforce the lessons. Every other week our children participate in kids choir and handbells. They have performances a couple of times a year to the delight of all of our members. You will need to register your kids with a Kidz volunteer the first time they enter our Kidz Zone (we value their health and safety as much as you do).

our goal

Our goal with every visitor is to make them feel welcomed and befriended. We care about new faces and desire to disciple, mentor and help others grow in their walk with Jesus. Our mission statement is helping believers to Know who they are in Christ, to Grow in relationship to Him and one another and to Go make disciples, leading each person to their home in Christ.

what's next?

Now that you are familiar with who we are, check out the Events page to see what is coming up and explore some of our Ministries to see all that we offer.

Also, if you have questions or would like someone to contact you, please fill out the contact form below.

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