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Beech Grove Sports

"Helping kids know Christ more deeply through the avenue of sports."


please note: All basketball leagues
and teams are co-Ed



Children will begin to learn to dribble, shoot, play defense, and be a good sport and teammate.

Games will be played on half-court with 6ft goals.

1st grade
2nd grade


Players continue learning game rules (walk, double dribble, fouls).
Referees will begin to call egregious infractions (carrying ball like a football, hard fouls, etc).

Games played on half-court with 8ft goals.

3rd grade
4th grade


Players are expected to follow most all rules of the game. Walking, double dribbling, and fouls are all called. Players begin to learn set offensive plays.

Games are played on half-court with 9ft goals.

5th grade
6th grade


Standard basketball rules are followed. Zone defense is taught and encouraged.


Games are played on full court with 10ft goals.


Girls at all ages will learn basic cheer moves, multiple chants and cheers, a dance routine and may have the opprotunity to learn stunts.

We will focus on fun and safety as we build foundational skills in newcomers and build on existing skills of those with past experience.

For questions about this ministry contact our office at (865) 977-4544

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